emas was founded in 1997 in Munich, Germany, by Dr Paul Fischer. The aim was to guide European companies into the three megamarkets of Russia, India, and China and make them leaders there. emas branched off from FCI–Fischer Consultants International, which was founded by Dr AJ Fischer in 1966. FCI specializes in mergers & acquisitions for Central and Eastern Europe, while emas advises clients on the three emerging megamarkets.

In the mid 1980s, when Dr Paul Fischer started working on the first assignments and projects in Russia, India, and China, few consultants and companies perceived the potential of these markets, let alone the links between these economies. But he was convinced of their potential and created emas.The company now has antennas in Barcelona, Dalian, Moscow, Pune, and Salzburg, to support the Munich headquarters.

The company persisted through the financial crises in Russia, and East and Southeast Asia. emas intensified its lobbying with policy-makers that they should enhance foreign direct investment (FDI) flows as an instrument for industrial development and technological modernization. As advisor to the Russian and Chinese authorities between 1995 and 2008, Dr Paul Fischer devised new concepts for the authorities to activate FDI; he also participated in projects involving European companies which led to higher inflows of capital, management skills, and technological know-how.

The spectacular rise of China, India, and Russia as global economic powers proved what we had correctly foreseen. We are now satisfied to see our clients benefiting strongly from our vision.

We have taken many EU companies along this path. Now megamarket companies want us to help them expand outwards. They have over the years gained managerial experience and financial strength and are capable of penetrating the other megamarkets and the more developed EU markets. Companies in the emerging economies of Latin America and Africa are also showing interest in the megamarkets.

If you are a dynamic company and technological innovator, and own a strong brand, we can help you become a leader in the Eurasian megamarkets.

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